Betsy Karp, The Color Coach

Betsy Karp
The Color Coach

Betsy Karp’s 30-year career as a color expert includes roles as a pioneering fashion designer who helped her clients develop and market collections based on the science of color and its ability to influence consumer behavior. With her help, these clients launched collections that connected their customers’ psychological, emotional and spiritual needs with their personal styles, resulting in repeat business and increased sales.

Betsy’s understanding of color, and its relationship to consumer purchasing habits, was ahead of its time, as brain-based research caught up with her, proving that it’s, “…more important for a brand’s colors to support the personality one wants to portray.”

This insight became the impetus for Betsy to become an entrepreneur and author of a self-help manual entitled, Change; Build Your Self-Confidence through Color in 21 Days. Branding herself as, “The Color Coach,” she has garnered the attention of professional men and women who seek her expertise in working with color to improve their professional and personal lives.

A graduate of Columbia University’s Health Counseling Training program, Betsy is a sought out expert on color’s ability to influence feelings and behavior. She has been featured in Yoga Life Magazine, and was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show, The Chew, The Woman’s Connection and Tara Marie Live.

Ms. Karp also founded the program through not-for-profit organization, Citizen Schools, called, “I Adore Me,” empowering children to build their self-confidence.

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