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IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME VISION TO CREATE AN AWARENESS OF THE POWER OF SENSORY MARKETING. As an event and experiential design professional, I have created environments and styled live events around sensory responses. These elements are what impacts the success of any gathering and gives the participant lasting and meaningful experiences and defines the true meaning of a successful investment. It’s all experiential now and we have the responsibility to sort out how to reach and connect with one another to maximize compassion, empathy and meaning.

Dianne Budion Devitt
Dianne Budion Devitt
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DIANNE BUDION DEVITT, Founder of the DND Group, has a 25-year plus track record as a dynamic industry leader in events, production, meetings. A creative strategist, Dianne is cited for her VIP management skills on hallmark events including Clinton Global Initiative, the Apollo 40th Landing Commemoration, and the Vietnam 50th Anniversary Presidential event.

The author of What Color is Your Event? The Art of Bringing People Together, Dianne has received and been nominated for industry awards including “Top 20 Industry Professionals in New York.”

Dianne is an Adjunct Professor in the Preston Robert Tisch Center at NYU and was the recipient of the NYU “Award for Teaching Excellence.”